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Anthony B.  

16″ Stage 2 Electric Conversion Kit , Using Factory wheels

Purchased and installed the 16” kit over the winter. Have had the chance now to cut with it about 8 times already this spring, including an initial scalp, and love everything about it! Design is well thought out and it’s nice not having to jog and still get a crazy good reel speed! I look forward to seeing how much it’s able to reduce my usual late summer washboarding I get. I have a feeling it’s going to be great! I’m running it on a 40v Ryobi battery and have enough juice left to use the same battery for trimming afterwards. The owner has also been awesome with answering any questions I have and helping me initially get set up.”


Scott M.  

18″ Stage 2 Electric Conversion Kit , Heavy Front Roller Kit, Factory Rear wheels

Bought a conversion kit and roller for my 18” Scott’s Pro. Great product, and even better backing. Camrann has been awesome to work and chat with. He clearly cares about the product and making it work well for the community. Will not hesitate to continue supporting RMM.


David T.  

16″ Stage 2 Electric Conversion Kit , Heavy Front and Rear Roller Kit

SHOUTOUT TIME! This thing is awesome! Got their front roller kit, rear roller kit, pro wiring box and the Chain cover! This is awesome! Works like a dream! Currently have the yard at 3/4 here in North Texas. Hit them up if you’re wanting a conversion kit. Looking forward to this season!


Jason F.  

18″ Stage 2 Electric Conversion Kit , Using Front and Rear Heavy Roller Kits

I am very pleased with my conversion kit from Reel Mower Mods. The parts came very well packaged and protected for shipping. Camrann has been a pleasure to talk with and really seems to care about his product and his customers. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from him again.

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